On-Site Cleaning Analysis

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After Over 30 Years of Solving Thousands of Cleaning Problems, We Keep Finding the Same Things

For a long time, facility managers everywhere have done their best to keep their buildings looking clean. Every day they try to save money by hiring inexpensive contract cleaners or sourcing cheaper supplies for their own cleaning staff. Eventually, they realize that cleaning isn’t just about how things look or the products being used; it’s about the health of everyone that comes through the doors and protecting their building investments. Because of that, they face a critical decision: do I hire a better contract cleaner (and how can you tell?) or do I buy better equipment and supplies for my staff (and ensure they’re using them effectively)? Because of that, they get stuck in an endless loop of finding different janitors or different supplies. Until finally, most facility managers give up: there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Chemicals Don’t Clean. Fancy Equipment Doesn’t Clean

When we focus on the tools or the supplies, we’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter how cheap you can buy a toilet brush (or a vacuum, or a ride-on auto scrubber) if it isn’t being used effectively. Our focus must be on the people doing the work and the procedures that they follow to ensure the work is done the right way, at the right time, and in the right order.

But That Doesn’t Mean There Isn’t Hope

What if you could have highly-trained cleaning specialists (that you don’t have to train), that use the most effective tools for the job (that you don’t have to purchase), while cleaning for health and extending the life of the property they cleaned? What if you could have those all things for less money than the alternative, with less of a headache, and less time commitment?

A small group of business owners, facility and operations managers, and head custodians have discovered a better way to keep their buildings clean.

An On-Site Cleaning Analysis

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The service they gave us was impressive. If we had any questions, they were there — onsite — to help. Because of the new equipment, training, and procedures they brought, we finished our work faster and easier than any of the previous years. Even more, we understand that the job is done right.

Francisco Galdamez, HillCity Church


An On-Site Cleaning Analysis is the Only Way to Manage the Cost, Time Commitment, and Health Concerns of Cleaning Your Workplace



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