Cleaning 101

Cleaning 101

Laying a Foundation for Facility Maintenance

Properly cleaned workplaces are important: they impress clients/co-workers/visitors, extend the lifespan of facility investments, reduce employee sick days, keep employees happier, and keep our facilities safer.

If a clean building is important to you, it’s time:

This process must start with management understanding the basics of cleaning — hopefully, as good or better than their own staff. You need to know that everything on the list above is possible. We’ve worked with countless facility managers, just like you, and they all want these same things.

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Your Blueprint for a Clean[er] Facility

A cleaning plan is the groundwork for who does what and when. Once it’s in place, we can focus on improving the process over time, finding more effective ways to do the job.

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iClean Theory

Our Cleaning Theory

After we know what and when to clean, we need to know how. We need a system for cleaning any surface better and to establish a framework to stay focused on the right elements..

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Here are some of our most recent cleaning articles to help you along your journey to a clean[er] facility.