On-Site Cleaning Checkup

On-Site Cleaning Checkup

Is Your Cleaning Program Outdated?

Facility managers everywhere do their best to keep their buildings clean. They realize that cleaning isn’t just about how things look or the products being used; it’s about the health of everyone that comes through the doors and protecting the building’s investments.

Sure, 50 years ago we’d hand someone a mop and point them towards a mess, but today we know better.

Things Have Changed

After 30+ years of solving thousands of cleaning problems, we still see the same issues. Every building has the same basic requirements: clean floors, clean carpets, clean restrooms. The tricky part is knowing what your cleaning team should (or could) be doing better.

New Tools AND New Procedures

When we focus on the tools or the supplies, we’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter how cheap you can buy a toilet brush (or a vacuum, or a ride-on auto scrubber) if it isn’t being used correctly. You can even damage the surface you’re trying to clean.

Our focus must be on the people doing the work and the procedures that they follow to ensure the work is done the right way, at the right time, and in the right order.

Most facility managers put off cleaning: they leave their cleaning program as is, there are never any improvements.

But you’re not like most managers...

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