Are You Spending (Wasting) Your Cleaning Budget in the Wrong Place?

Are You Spending (Wasting) Your Cleaning Budget in the Wrong Place?

As a facility manager, chances are your budget is strained. We must uncover the truth of where your cleaning dollars are going.

The Ontario Ministry of Education states, “… the cost of cleaning products represents only 5%-10%… while labour represents 90%-95% of the total cost [of a cleaning budget].”

Wow! With numbers like those it’s obvious: products don’t clean buildings, people clean buildings.

You might be trying to save money on tools, but chances are you’re hurting staff performance. The real savings is in the way you clean, not the products.

Here are a few examples:

  • not investing in new floor pads – your cleaning team now has to go over the area twice in order to get results (wasting time).
  • not investing in commercial-quality entrance matting – your cleaning team now has to capture all the dirt that just walked in the door (wasting time).
  • not investing in commercial cleaning products – your cleaning team now has to clean a facility with subpar household products (wasting time).

The right equipment will improve efficiency, saving you money where it counts: labour dollars.

Focusing on products alone is ignoring where the money is going. You need to focus your attention on how you clean by creating a proper cleaning plan.

Are you helping your people do their best work or are you slowing them down? Invest in your team (and your facility) by investing in tools that help them do their job.

If you could use some help, get in touch or bring in an expert.

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