Why do we bother?

We believe in clean and healthy buildings; that products don’t clean buildings, people clean buildings.

Every building we have ever been in has unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. And nearly every manager we’ve spoken with doesn’t have time to focus on cleaning: they have too many other things to do. Cleaning gets left for later...

… but later never comes.

Facility managers have it rough. So many different tasks on their plate, so much time spent dealing with staff and visitors. And, on top of that, budget constraints. The managers we work with want to do the best job they can. Having to deal with the same problems over and over is a waste. There has to be a way to improve the cleanliness of their building… but how?

Management needs to rescue their facility

Let’s see if we have this right.

You’re a facility manager. You want a clean, safe workplace for your staff and visitors. You want to be proud of your building.

You manage everything — from scheduling the cleaning staff, handling time sheets, overseeing ordering and admin duties, dealing with complaints, working with a budget, and a whole lot more. You have no time to learn about the difficult (or even simple) cleaning tasks.

However, your organization spends tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands, every year on cleaning. This is important stuff, and you need to have the right amount of information to guide your cleaning decisions (and team) to success.

“Products don’t clean buildings; people clean buildings.”

We’ll show you how

First, you may need to redesign your cleaning plan from the ground up. Next, take a few minutes to brush up on the basics of cleaning so you know you’re making the right call. Then, sign up for regular cleaning articles and pro tips to help you on your journey.

This may be enough to get started, but, if you need some extra help, it may be time to bring in an expert.


We believe in your team and work alongside them. People clean buildings.


We believe identifying cleaning problems is better than pretending they don’t exist.


We value the environment and believe maintenance extends the life of your building investments.


We believe systems and processes help us stay consistent (and get better over time).


We believe no matter how good you are there’s always room to grow.

Focus on what’s important to you, we’ll take care of the rest

Our cleaning experts help busy managers (like you) regain control of their cleaning program so they can spend their time on more critical work. They rest easy, knowing their team is maintaining a clean building.

We partner with local organizations through our iClean Program, working closely with all staff. We work alongside building managers, facility managers, operations managers, or anyone else who oversees the cleaning crew. We improve cleaning operations by focusing on the people doing the work.

What qualifies us to help you?

We began as a janitorial distribution company in 1987, servicing the Fraser Valley. There were already many changes in the industry since our founder, Dennis Shepit, first started as a sales rep: improvements in safety, efficiency, techniques, and procedures; but nobody was aware. Everyone still cleaned with the same old tools in the same ineffective way with the same dangerous chemicals. Nobody was taking the time to show janitors what had been improved. Instead, most distributors merely sold the same products they had always sold, with little or no care for the bigger picture: actually helping customers clean better.

We’ve been helping people get clean[er] building since then. We’ve solved thousands of commercial cleaning problems by working with managers instead of just selling to them. Over those years, we’ve found the same recurring problems. It turns out, that countless facilities are dealing with a lot of the same problems and incorrect procedures are draining company dollars through wasted time. Since starting, we’ve written a book, taught hundreds of students at the university level, and even worked with the government, all in an effort to get clean[er] and safer buildings.

We strive to bring newness to an old industry. The cleaning industry is massive, and it’s been around for a lot longer than the internet. But it changes. So. Slowly. We’ve searched the globe for specialized equipment and we share with our clients constantly. But, more importantly than the tools, we make sure that the process is ideal for your building and staff constraints.

The managers we work with want to do the best job they can. Having to deal with the same problems over and over is a waste.

What’s in it for you?

Countless facilities are dealing with a lot of the same problems

  • Protect your people from the hazards of cleaning — like caustic chemicals — and the hazards of not cleaning — harmful bacteria
  • Protect your building from excessive damage to your floors, carpets, and fixtures; delay their costly replacement.
  • Feel confident as people enter your clean and healthy facility (and get ready for some high-fives).
  • Take control of how (well) your facility is cleaned, without the stress of figuring it all out on your own.

This Isn’t an Offer…

This is a movement

Clean Answers is pushing the industry in a different direction. Our programs and products are changing the way facility managers think about cleaning.

And we need your help

Join us and lead the charge in your facility; partner with us and improve your cleaning team, bring longevity to your facility, and health and safety for everyone that walks through your door.

Sign up for cleaning updates and pro tips; take a look through our free materials (you can make a simple change today!); schedule a call with an expert; or connect with us where you ‘live’ online: Linkedin, Facebook, or Google+


The Management Team

Dean Shepit


Dean has worked with hundreds of people on thousands of cleaning tasks amidst his 15+ years of continued growth and learning in the janitorial industry. He is a certified Floor Care Technician (IICRC) and trained in Electrolytic Floor and Carpet Cleaning (UltraChem Labs). Dean is currently an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, teaching the Building Service Worker course and is a contributing author of the courses textbook, The Building Service Worker Handbook. He also has instructed programs for Correctional Service Canada. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors for a local non-profit, Cares.

Products don’t clean buildings; people clean buildings.