iClean Program

Frustrated With Your Dirty Building?

For over 30 years we’ve worked with clients like you who want a clean[er] building. But it’s a challenge when your cleaning staff seem too busy to get everything done, you see the same dirty problems daily, and it feels like nothing ever improves.

You are not alone. Management everywhere wants a clean[er] building.

However, you’re faced with the choice of either hiring your own cleaning staff or contracting someone else. There are unique challenges to both of these choices.

Challenges With Outsourcing - Third Party Contractors:

  • You might not have full control over the worker, as they are not your staff
  • Some companies use untrained low cost labour to maximise their profits, at your expense
  • Often we see high turnover in the workforce, which means inconsistent results
  • They don't often invest in cutting edge tools, as the purchase would affect their profits

Challenges With Insourcing - Your Inside Cleaning Team:

  • More often than not, your staff has not had any formal training
  • Limited knowledge of modern tools and procedures
  • If they can't handle the big tasks, you end up outsourcing anyways
  • Their past experience might not prepare them properly for your unique floor types, dirt, or facility use

So, back in 2010, we created iClean.

iClean Improves Your Facility Cleaning For You

You want a clean[er] building, right?

iClean boosts your existing cleaning team, whether contractor or employees, and guarantees a clean[er] building. It brings the most cutting edge tools, equipment, procedures, and training to you, and is designed for your unique flooring types. iClean makes sure every dollar spent on cleaning labour gets you results. There’s no need to spend your time frustrated with your current cleaning program. Instead, sit back, relax, and know that the cleaning is going to be done right.

As an iClean partner, we work alongside you…

  • to take control over your cleaning program and improve your team
  • to have a gorgeous facility that patrons and coworkers give you high-fives for
  • to avoid the risk of damaging your facility by investing in maintenance
  • to reduce sickness of your staff and patrons while ‘going green’
  • to reduce your stress, knowing your team is cleaning correctly

Reduce your highest cost: Labour

On-site training of your staff; assistance with your cleaning plan and schedule.

Cutting-edge equipment, only when you need it

Use the best tools for every job; let us handle the repairs.

Improvement over time

Facility inspections and feedback; the longer we partner, the better-tuned your cleaning system becomes.

No Hidden Fees

No contracts; no startup fees; no hidden fees; cancel, upgrade, or downgrade any time; billed to your credit card monthly.

You profit from our investment in equipment and expertise

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel (or even purchase it in the first place). Because we’ve already made the investment in training, equipment, and know-how, you don’t need to. Take advantage of our position in the industry.

Our iClean partners share the most costly equipment — and we clean, maintain, and transport it for you. You get the best tools for the job at a fraction of the cost. It’s a waste of money to invest in high-end machines that aren’t being used regularly. So you don’t have to. Ever.

Have confidence in our dedication to clean

2017 marks 30 years in this industry. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of clients solve thousands of cleaning problems.

  • We instruct the Building Service Worker (BSW) course at the University of the Fraser Valley
  • We wrote the university’s BSW textbook
  • We instruct with Correctional Services Canada
  • We have a warehouse full of supplies and equipment, representing over 80 manufacturers

Or talk with someone we’ve already convinced

The service they gave us was impressive. If we had any questions, they were there — onsite — to help. Because of the new equipment, training, and procedures they brought, we finished our work faster and easier than any of the previous years. Even more, we understand that the job is done right.

Francisco Galdamez, HillCity Church


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