Commercial Cleaning Consulting Services

You’re right: you are missing tasks in your cleaning plan

Are surfaces being damaged beyond repair? Are you paying for tasks that are incomplete? How do you know when to Improve or Restore the floor?

Sometimes it’s best to get help from an expert outside of your organization.

Which new practices are you missing?

The cleaning tasks of today can’t be completed with the tools of the past. Although veteran cleaners have been doing this for a while, when was the last time they went to school for cleaning?

A cleaning consultant

Even small to medium size organizations are spending 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars on their cleaning efforts. Let’s make sure your people are doing the right tasks for your unique facility.

Remember, products don’t clean, people do.

It’s time to bring in professional help to update your cleaning program. Leave the past behind.

Get Some Help in Your Facility

We’ve worked with the University of the Fraser Valley, Correctional Services Canada, and hundreds of businesses
toward the same goal: clean[er] facilities. We’ve even written a book on best cleaning practices.
All it takes is a willingness to improve and an openness to change.

Here’s the most common topics we consult on

It’s time to update your cleaning practices: a consultant to guide you through the process will save countless wasted hours. Let us show you results in less time. Schedule a FREE, 1-on-1 conversation with an expert now.

If you’re not ready for that yet, Start Here on your journey towards a clean[er] facility.