Custom Building Service Worker Training

You’re right: you are wasting money on your cleaning budget

Every day, the average custodian follows the same task list, top to bottom, one room at a time. Dusting, wiping high-touch zones, vacuuming, mopping, collecting trash, and over again. Some cleaning professionals have been doing the same thing for over 30 years; they may not have taken a step back from their daily activities to consider what improvement might look like. Wash, rinse, repeat. Auto-pilot.

But you’re not average, right?

Remember, products don’t clean, people do. The best thing you can do as a building manager or team-lead is invest in your people. Get them proper training and proper tools.

Imagine cutting vacuuming time by 40%. Imagine keeping dirt at the entrance instead of letting it move throughout the entire facility. Imagine maintaining a carpet well enough to add years to its lifetime. Imagine never having to strip and refinish a floor again.

We’ve been upgrading average custodians for years

We’ve worked with the University of the Fraser Valley, Correctional Services Canada, and hundreds of businesses toward the same goal: clean[er] facilities. We’ve even written a book on best cleaning practices. All it takes is a willingness to learn and attention.

Work with us to raise your team’s cleaning practices and awareness.

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Here’s a list of topics we can cover

It’s time to invest in your cleaning team. We teach all of this as part of a 60-hour program, but you'll see results from your team in even 60 minutes. That’s why it’s necessary that we first understand the unique issues you’re facing in your facility. Schedule a FREE, 1-on-1 conversation with an expert now.

If you’re not ready for that yet, Start Here on your journey towards a clean[er] facility.