Create A Cleaning Plan Using These 6 Simple (but Essential) Questions

Create A Cleaning Plan Using These 6 Simple (but Essential) Questions

Without proper plans, we tend to miss tasks — or repeat them unnecessarily — lose focus, and ignore long-term problems. Plans keep us accountable.

Planning is the key to avoiding major problems before they happen.

Before you can create a plan you need to start with these 6 questions:

  1. What type of dirt are you dealing with in your facility? (be specific for different zones)
  2. Where is the dirt coming from? (hint: entrance ways)
  3. What are the traffic patterns? (where do people congregate, move through etc.)
  4. Which zones are priorities in your facility?
  5. What types of tools and techniques are at your disposal? (think routine cleaning, interim tasks, and recovery jobs)
  6. What frequency does each task need? (consider spot cleaning versus covering every square inch)

Create (or update) a cleaning checklist, workflow, or cleaning blueprint of your own while keeping these questions in mind. Don’t forget: this will be unique to each building and can be affected by weather, changing seasons, and facility usage in a big way.

Bottom line: products don’t clean buildings, people do. A plan of action helps your team do a better job.

If you don’t have a plan, how can you expect a clean building?

If you could use some help, get in touch or bring in an expert.

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